I only really had 1 whole day in Honolulu, as I arrived late in the evening and left early in the morning 2 nights later.

First I went to the beach to find some breakfast. The place I was going to go to was pretty busy, so I settled on McDonalds.


After breakfast I took the bus to Pearl Harbor. Once there, the first thing I went to see was the USS Arizona Memorial. It is free to go to, as it is a war memorial, but there are a limited number of tickets per day, as you need to go on a navy boat to get there.

The memorial is built above the wreckage of the USS Arizona, which sank when a Japanese bomb caused one of its ammunition magazines to explode.

When a survivor of the Arizona dies, they can have their ashes put in the wreckage by navy divers, to allow them to be with the rest of the crew who still lie in the wreckage.


I also went to see the USS Bowfin. A submarine nicknamed the Pearl Harbor Avenger, as it entered service a year after the Japanese attack. The submarine has a very successful record, having sunk many enemy vessels.


I went to see the battleship in the harbour, the USS Missouri. This battleship had a long service. Commissioned and launched following the attack on Pearl Harbor, it was later put back into service in the 80s after a period of storage. As such, it also has fairly modern features such as a launch pad for Tomahawk cruise missiles.


The USS Missouri is particularly notable, as it was on its deck that the second world war ended with the signing of a surrender agreement by a Japanese delegation, whilst the ship was docked in Tokyo harbour.

Peace in out time

I also went to the Pacific Aviation museum, which is contained within hangers that were present at the time of the Japanese attack. The glass windows of the hangers still have holes in them from bullets.


Outside is the aircraft control tower that also dates back to the attack on Pearl Harbour.


Once I got back to Waikiki, where my Airbnb was, I went for another walk along the beach to find dinner.

Beach again

Next I fly to the big island. My route around the big island may end up being a little crazy, as the Volcanoes National Park (in the south) is due to reopen the day I am meant to be driving along the north coast. I may end up doubling back on myself that day, and crossing the island on the saddle road instead.