Around the World in 30 Days

To prove once and for all that the world is round, I am going to travel round it. Due to advances in aviation, I will do this in 30 days—a significant improvement on the traditional 80 days. I am also going to be travelling west, so will lose a day at the date line rather than gain one.

I will start by flying on Montréal, in Canada, and then take the train to Toronto. From Toronto I will fly to Vancouver to meet up with my parents, who are having a holiday in the Vancouver area. After exploring some of the Canadian wilderness, and hopefully not being eaten by bears, I will leave my parents and fly to Honolulu. From Honolulu I fly to the big island of Hawaii, hopefully to see some lava—though the current eruption seems to have stopped for now. After driving round the big island, I fly to Seoul in South Korea; then finally back to London.

Further blog posts to follow once I have actually seen something.