Beds (Too) Full of Veg

The raised beds that I built earlier in the year are now looking a bit overcrowded. I have one bed for root vegetables and salad plants: carrots, parsnips, leeks, beetroot, lettuce, spinach, and rocket. This bed also contains some broad beans, which don't really fit, but I don't have a legume bed and they had to go somewhere. My other bed is for brassicas: turnip, swede, radish, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and brussel sprouts.

Raised Beds

My main problem is that some plants grow much faster than others. I have already got rid of my rocket because it grew too tall, and now my spinach has grown equally tall. Fortunately they both grow quickly, so I can just pull them up and sow new seed. My leeks, which grow slowly, are almost completely obscured by carrot and parsnip foliage. I don't really know how to solve that, but I may move some of them to where my spinach is currently. Some of my lettuce is also buried, but some of it is doing quite well.


Turnips are particularly fast-growing, and were the main cause of congestion in my brassica bed. I have harvested most of them, so they are no longer a problem. I will definitely sow more, as they actually produce quite a lot of food for the space, and in a relatively short space of time. Now my broccoli dominate my brassica bed, and are crowding out my cabbage, cauliflower, and brussel sprout. Hopefully I will at least get a good yield of broccoli.

My broad beans are also doing well back in my root bed. Broad beans are early to start growing compared to other legumes, and they quickly flowered.

Bean flowers

Those flowers kept the bees busy for a while, and the plants are now covered in pods, which are rapidly expanding.


I have harvested a few already, but the beans inside weren't that big. Given the number of pods, though, I expect to have a surplus of beans to harvest in the coming weeks.

Although my beds are a bit congested, this was partially intentional. I decided to plant as many different things as I reasonably could in an attempt to work out what would be a good use of space. Next year I will focus more on the plants that did well this year.

Elsewhere in my kitchen garden, I have started harvesting my potatoes. The first bag yielded enough to last me quite a few meals, and I still have two more bags to harvest. My strawberry plants have made lots of strawberries, and I have used these to make jam. My runner beans are starting to reach the top of their wigwam, and my courgettes look to be on the verge of flowering.