The Garden is Sleeping

Not a lot grows in winter. Most of my recent efforts have involved planting bushes for next year�mostly fruit bushes, but I have also planted some roses. I have a current patch with a redcurrant and blackcurrant, and I have also planted a row of raspberries, and a blackberry to climb my fence. Additionally, I have a grape vine that I hope to climb the wall of my shed. All of these show no signs of life at the moment, and resemble sticks emerging from the ground.

A few plants have shown recent growth. Though my tulip bulbs still wait underground, my garlic bulbs have started to emerge. Their growth seems to have stalled for now, though, but hopefully will resume in the spring.


My fennel plant has new stems emerging from the ground. Last year it only grew a single stem, and failed to form a bulb�I suspect that it lacked water over the summer. This recent growth, however, involves many stems; so perhaps there is a bulb underground.


Though not much grows outside in Winter, things do still grow inside. My windowsill is home to many herbs, though most are now past their best and need resowing. I also have a single Achillea, which I plan to plant out in the spring. Last year my Achillea seedlings were all eaten by slugs, but this time I think the slugs will struggle. It has been growing strong all winter, so hopefully they will find the older growth less appetising.