Herbs and Catch Crops

Last weekend I finally finished clearing space for a herb garden�it took several weekends to clear the overgrown tangle of plants that was there before. This involved digging up several plants, and getting as many roots out of the ground as I could. I then added some compost and topsoil to the ground, before planting some herbs.

As it is autumn, all the herbs I planted are perennials, which should survive the winter. Some of them�the chives and the sage�I grew from seed in the spring. Others�the thyme, rosemary, and bay�I bought. I did try to grow both thyme and rosemary from seed, but I was not successful. Rosemary, in particular, has a low germination rate.

Though not a herb, I also planted a blackberry plant to grow along my fence. It will be a while until I get any fruit from it, though; blackberries tend to be�and this one is�floricane. This means that they only flower on the previous year's growth. As this plant hasn't really done much growing this year, it will probably be two years before it bears fruit.


On the other side of my garden, there is a patch where I plan to plant a redcurrant bush and a blackcurrant bush at the end of the month. I cleared the space over a month a go, and so rather than leave the ground empty, I planted a few fast growing catch crops: spinach, rocket, and radishes.

The spinach didn't really materialise�perhaps the seedlings were eaten before I noticed them�but the rocket and radishes seem to be doing well.