In Which I Have My Revenge

Earlier in the year, slugs ate many of my seedlings. Over the last couple of weeks I have tried to fight back. This involved setting slug traps. Slug traps involve a jar, half submerged in the ground, and half full of beer. Not one for wasting beer on slugs, I instead made my own bait.

It is the yeast that slugs are after, so to make the bait I mixed a teaspoon of dried yeast, with a teaspoon each of sugar and flour. This is then mixed with warm water. At which point the yeast start to get to work, and the mixture smells of bread dough.

It is often thought that the alcohol from the beer causes the slugs to get drunk and fall in the trap, however my yeast mixture proved very effective even without the alcohol. Many slugs were caught, which made emptying out the traps a very grim task. Subsequent traps caught little, which suggests I have significantly reduced the slug population in may garden.

slugs in trap


Last weekend I harvested my final bag of potatoes. There were over 2kg of potatoes within, which beats the previous two bags. I now have a lot of potatoes to eat, particularly as I only harvested the previous bag the weekend before.



My beans are now producing a good crop. I could probably eat all of them if I wanted to have beans everyday, but I don't, so I have been blanching them and freezing them. When I have built up a good enough stockpile I will probably have a go at making a pickle out of them.


My largest sunflower is now taller then me, despite falling over and having to be propped up. The others are no way near as impressive for some reason. Perhaps, as the one on the end, it has been casting a shadow over the others.