The First Beans

Last weekend the first beans were ready to harvest. They are ready when they are between 15-20cm long, and need to be harvested every 3 days. If any beans are allowed to fully mature then the entire plant will stop producing flowers.

There were not that many beans that were ready to harvest�as it is still quite early for beans�but there were enough for a meal.


Poppies and Sunflowers

In other news, my poppies have started flowering. They have grown taller than I had expected them to, but they are doing a good job of flowering continually. They only flower for a short time, so if they all flower at once then there will only be flowers on the plants for a couple of days. To counter this, I made three sowings of poppy seeds, each 2 weeks apart. Hopefully this will result in at least a month of flowers.

The poppies are interspersed with yellow-flowering plants. I have no idea what these are, so I guess they are weeds�but it is a bit suspicious that they are only growing amongst the poppies. Perhaps the seeds were contaminated. Regardless, they don't actually look that bad, so they can stay.


Additionally, my sunflowers are getting quite tall. The largest fell over at the weekend, so I tried to support it with a bamboo pole. Initially this was not that successful, but I think I have adequately secured it now�though it still does have a bit of a lean to it. At the top of that plant, a flower is developing, which may be the cause of the additional weight.