Day 11: The Golden Gate

Today I awoke slightly earlier than the others, and so went to see the Coit Tower. The tower is a memorial to Lillian Coit, who left money to the city to beautify it. It is full of murals about the city, and would have also provided good views, had it not been foggy.

After rejoining the others, we went for a free walking tour of the part of San Francisco in which we are staying. Interestingly for a free walking tour, the tour guide gave us food to try at various points. This made the tour more palatable.


After lunch we headed to Golden Gate Park. The intention was to go to the California Academy of Sciences, but we arrive to find it quite expensive, and closing for the day soon; so instead we wondered the park. We found some pedalos, and took one for a trip round the lake. The pedalo was extremely underpowered compared to the wind; at times we barely seemed to be going forwards.

Ruari chucked ice off the back of the boat as we made our way round the lake. The ducks and geese thought that this was food, and so perused. Chris was concerned about how we would explain the massive entourage of duck when we returned to the boathouse, so we eventually decided to stop teasing the birds.


Our bus route back to the hostel took us past the Golden Gate Bridge, so we got off to have a look. We walked to the first of the bridge's towers before turning back. We then got on the wrong bus, so ended up passing the bridge for a second time.


Back at the hostel, we had our free dinner, before heading out on a bar crawl organised by the hostel.

Tomorrow we start back down the coast towards Los Angeles.