Day 7: Through the Valley of Death

This morning, after a brief interlude in which I became lost contemplating which side of a pyramid is the "front", we departed Vegas and headed West to Death Valley.

On the road leading into Death Valley, I took over driving for the first time. The road was straight with not a car in site, and so was a fairly ideal place to start driving for the first time in eight years (if you discount a very short bit of driving I did in the US a couple of years ago).

The road through Death Valley did not stay straight for long. Parts of the road were 4000 ft. above sea level, whereas other parts were below sea level. These altitude changes required winding mountain roads in some places. The drive went well though�the roads were fun to drive on, and we didn�t fall off any cliffs.

Death Valley

Tonight we stayed in a log cabin in a creek valley half way up a mountain. Due to its location, the cabin gets no mobile signal, hence the slight delay in me posting this blog post.

Log cabin

Tomorrow we head into Yosemite National Park.