Day 6: In Which I Am Delayed By The President

This morning I departed from Ann's house, and went for a walk in downtown Seattle, before taking a train to catch my flight to Las Vegas.

With the city's Pride Parade on just two days away, the city was sporadically scattered with Pride flags�many restaurants had them in their windows, several hotels had then on their flag poles. Even banks had them on display.


Unfortunately my flight to Las Vegas was delayed, but rather unusually, it was delayed by the arrival of Air Force One, the presidential jet. Look, there it is, I heard someone exclaim. I turned around just in time to see the plane touch down on the runway.

The pilot of the plane that I was to travel in then addressed us, saying that no plane was allowed to move on the ground for 30 minutes after Air Force One touches down. This gives time for the secret service to whisk the president away to wherever he is going.

Fortunately they did start boarding us before the 30 minutes was up, and in the end, we did not arrive too late.

Arriving in Vegas, I reconvened with Chris and Ruari. Ruari then borrowed $10 from me to bet on roulette. Much to his annoyance, the wheel returned a double zero. The house always wins.