Day 3: The Bridge and the Whale

This morning I went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Located north of Vancouver, the park's main attraction is a suspension bridge over the river valley, however the park also has other walkways: attached to cliffs and between trees.

Suspension Bridge

Suspension Bridge

Returning to Downtown, I next went for a walk through Gastown, the old part of the city, before taking the skytrain back to the waterfront for lunch.

In the afternoon I took a bus to the Beaty Biodiversity Museum at the University of British Columbia. It is home to the skeleton of a blue whale, along with various other dead things. Derek, one of the volunteers there, did a tour in which he talked about his favourite parts of the museum, which was interesting�though the moss collection was a bit dull.

Blue Whale

I went to a bar called EXP for dinner. It is video game themed, with a couple of PCs set up in the corner, one of which outputs to a projector.


They had no tables when I arrived, so I ate and drank at the bar whilst chatting to some Canadians.

Tomorrow I awake early to catch the train to Seattle.