Day 1: Sun, Sand, and Asphalt

In the morning, we walked to Venice beach to dip our toes in the Pacific, Afterwhich we went to see the the canals for which the area is named.

We then took a bus to the La Brea Tar Pits. These are badly named: not only does the name translate to the the tar tar pits, but they are also actually asphalt pits.

The pits are one of the world best sources of ice age fossils, many of which are displayed in the museum. The pits are within a park, dotted by traffic cones to warn of the places where asphalt is freshly emerging from the ground. The whole area smells strongly of a newly surfaced road.

In the afternoon we travelled to downtown LA, and had drinks in a bar at the end of a road that was closed for filming.

It has been a hot day (34 Celsius) with much walking. I particularly felt sorry for Ruari in his black t-shirt and jeans.

We finished off the day by going to a bar with a Game of Thrones screening.