Day 0 (part I): The Journey Begins

Today marks the start of a two week holiday to the USA and Canada. I am going on this trip with Chris and Ruari.

The plan is to fly to LA. Shortly after that, I will leave the others and fly to Vancouver, and then take the train to Seattle, before flying to Las Vegas to rejoin the others. The others will have gone to the Grand Canyon whilst I am away (which I have seen before).

The remainder of the trip will involve driving through Death Valley and Yosemite national parks, as well as a few days in San Francisco, before returning to LA for the flight back home.


The trip started with an unexpected detour to Westbury. Due to a derailment at Paddington, the train that we intended to get was cancelled. This necessitated a roundabout route to the airport.


After an elaborate train journey, we eventually arrived at the airport. The passage through security was uneventfull, however Chris was later reprimanded for attempting to take a picture of Ruari next to the maximum height sign of a children's play area.

To be continued...