The Obelisk and The Rose

This weekend I constructed a garden obelisk, and planted a rose to climb it.

At over 2m tall, it was fairly annoying to assemble. More annoying was the poor quality of the screws that came with it; they stripped far too easily, and for self-tapping screws, they didn't self-tap very well. After obtaining some better screws it was much easier.

Installing the obelisk involved digging a whole 50cm deep and 50cm wide. I then placed the obelisk in the hole, along with the rose, and filled the hole in.

Completed Obelisk

The rose is a climbing rose�hence the obelisk. To adhere to my red and yellow colour scheme, the rose will hopefully produce yellow flowers (unless I have been misled in some way).


To keep the rose company, I also planted a clematis. This one is red�or as red as clematises come anyway (which is not very).