Slug Attack!

This morning I discovered that something had been eating my flower seedlings. Some of the pots were completely devoid of plant, and others contained partially chewed plants, with tell-tale slime trails.

A bit chewed

It did not take long for me to locate the perpetrator, as slugs are not well known for their agility.


It seems like I should retaliate in some way; though my flower seedlings are not that important, I would like at least some of them to survive. I am considering using some nematodes or some diatomaceous earth to solve the problem�both of which sound more interesting than slug pellets. Nematodes are microscopic predatory worms; the type you can buy usually enjoy eating slugs. Diatomaceous earth, on the other hand, is effectively powdered fossil, and kills slugs and insects through physical abrasion.

Fortunately some of my seedlings did survive the morning onslaught. I shall try and do a better job of protecting them from those that are out to eat them.

Surviving seedling