Thinning Out Poppies

At the weekend I finally got round to thinning out my poppies. Poppy seeds are very tiny�to the extent that they are quite hard to see�so it is difficult to sow them thinly. Thinning out involves removing some of the plants, so that the remaining plants don't need to compete as hard for light, nutrients, or water. It is far more practical to thin them out when they are seedlings; when they are actually visible to the naked eye.

In theory Papaver commutatum should be thinned out so that individual plants are 30cm apart. This proved difficult. I had left it a bit too long, so some of the plants were quite sizable, and tangled up in eachother�making it hard to distinguish one plant from the next. The task was made even more difficult by the multitude of weeds that had started growing around the poppies. Some of these even looked not entirely unlike poppies themselves.

By the end I had a decent sized pile of ex-poppies and weeds.

Discarded poppies

The flowerbed, however, ended the day in a much more ordered state.

Thinned out poppies